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New shirt featuring one of our favorite quotes from James:  "I'm not going back to it. I swear. I owe it to my God. I owe it all to him. Me starring in my own little life movie is so insignificant compared to having a role in God's EPIC film. At the end of mine, there will be a "The End". But in God's, there is no end."

Available in black, Irish green, violet, and coral silk.  Ask about other colors.  $20 per shirt includes free shipping. 

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Make a Donation or Purchase Items to Support the James Eunice Scholarship Fund

You can support the James Eunice Scholarship Fund by visiting the Community Foundation of South Georgia's website at http://www.cfsga.net/donations.htm and going to the James Eunice Scholarship.  Donations made via this link are tax deductible.  You can also purchase items to benefit the scholarship fund.  You can purchase The Clock is Ticking t-shirts and other t-shirts from the web store.  Thank you for supporting this effort.


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