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Posted on January 17, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Tapestry. Tammy talks about the tapestry of life as we share James' story. I travelled frequently to the Middle East in my last military assignment, and brougt home a few Persian Rugs. These weren't machine made. They were woven by hand. The top side of the rug had a design, but underneath you could see the thousands of threads that came together to produce the design, the tapestry. In our case, the design is James' story, and the threads are the numerous people who have come together with us on this journey to shape and share this story. I was reminded of this last night when Tammy and I tuned in to watch Ax Men on The History Channel. Dave KraKen Stone is our neighbor and one of the stars of the show. But more important to us is how we came to know Dave. We met Dave a few days into the search for James. Barbara Grondahl ensured we met each of the dive teams that participated in the search so we could thank them for their efforts. While we were walking around thanking the dive teams early in the search, we walked by Dave's table. He looked up at us and said, "Hey neighbor." We had never met Dave before, but he had moved in two doors down from us two weeks before James went missing. Dave spent 60 hours in the water searching for James. Since that time, he and his family have been very special to us and assisted us in so many ways. He has shown up when we cooked out, promoted our events as a guest DJ on 92.9, brought dive equipment to James Eunice Day, signed autographs at the most recent James Eunice Legacy Blood Drive, and taught Tammy how to swim with fins. This came home to me last night while we watched Ax Men, as Dave and Clint both searched for logs in Long Pond, where we hold the TCT7 Swim. The residents of Long Pond came into our lives through a chance meeting with Mark Tatch while cooking hamburgers at Sam's Club, where Amy and her team had become part of our story. Amy provided us the opportunity to sell hamburgers and hot dogs to raise funds as part of the Diving for James campaign and have been faithful and supportive with so many things since. One of those events led to our meeting Mark and sharing James' story with him. He called a few weeks later, and mentioned his idea for the swim at Long Pond to honor James. That encounter led to so many others coming into our lives as part of this story, including the Van Allsdalls, Rosenbaums, Bill and Laura Minchew, and Fran Wilbers just to mention a few. Long Pond is part of that design that is this journey God has placed us on, and God has brought these wonderful people, and so many others, into our lives as he continues to weave this tapestry. We continue to be blessed by so many who have become such a meaningful part of this path we walk.

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